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Holistic principles
"The solutions to most of today’s problems are readily available; some are even simple. Yet they require a radical change in our perceptions, in our mindsets, in our values. There’s no doubt that we are, today, witnessing the start of a sweeping process of change in the way we view the world, a paradigm shift on a par with that brought about by Copernicus." Fritjof Capra [continue]
Horse wellbeing
Animals have been forced by breeders to abandon their natural habitat, to adapt to new conditions. These changes have not always yielded good results, as they’ve often been excessive in terms of both the resulting modifications to ethological characteristics and the natural living conditions of the animals themselves. [continue]
Organic Medicine and Organic Laws
Organic Medicine is comprised of a set of methods, the guiding principle of which is the integrity of the man-animal bio-system. Its purpose is to support or restore the capacity for development and self-healing.
Since it takes into consideration material, energy-related and psycho-emotive components, organic medicine can rightly be considered a global (holistic) medicine. [continue]
Services provided for Dogs, Cats and Horses
  • Analysis of the animal’s clinical history and its symptoms to identify the point of conflict and so provide carefully targeted help for the healing process.
  • Use of low-dosage remedies typical of Homotoxicology to help the animal self-heal.
  • Energy re-balance
  • Treatment of horse hoof pathologies according to the tenets of Organic Medicine and Holistic Balance (also referred to as the "barefoot" method)
Courses for Animal Owners and Vets
Well-being and Natural Management of the Horse
from 12 to 14 December, evening tele-conference course
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